We at Game Horde professionally clean your classic video game systems, games, and controllers for a fair price and all doing it right. We clean everything right the first time to make it work the first time. Our cleaning process is unique only to Game Horde and we are proud to clean your classic systems, games, and controllers.

This process is risky because if you mess something up on either the system and/or game, and the system/game is bricked for life and you have to get a brand new system or game. We have seen it all and clean everything for you.

We have cleaned over 200 systems, games, and controllers and all of them worked the first time. Cleaning systems, games, and controllers requires not only a delicate hand and the right tools, but the knowledge to properly clean them to work the first time around. We have the tools, delicate hands, and the knowledge to get the job done right.

Trust us to clean your classic video game relics.

We also do Controller Repairs but only on a limited scale. We do clean controllers yet in order for us to properly repair controllers, you need to have two or more controllers so that the second (or other) controllers can be sacrificed for the controllers in repair.

This procedure is very risky because one mess up (losing the start/select pad or any of the other pieces) and the controller is done for. Let the professionals at Game Horde repair your controllers so that you don't have to.

If a controller motherboard does not function, that will be the sacrificial controller of the multiple controllers. If the controller motherboard does not function and it is your only one, there will be a $20 fee to get a replacement board and repair the controller.

All repairs and modifications come with a free cleaning.

We do sell classic PC video games on a 3-Disc DVD set. The set is three discs that contain all the games needed, plus some more extras. The cost of this will be $25. The games have been set to the lowest setting so that it is guaranteed (if you have enough power to play the games) to play the game.

Rest assure that there are absolutely no viruses and everything is legal. This DVD set contains over 50 games so there is something for everyone. One DVD set will be given for free to all orders $50 and up.